From March to May 2016, we partnered AWWA Kindle Garden, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School, MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School and Pathlight School's Artist Development Programme on a series of workshops led by a community of young artists and volunteers. Our journey involved costume crafting and collectively working together on a work of art. Meet the Class of 2016.

by more than 80 children and youths from diverse backgrounds that embodies hope for a more inclusive Singapore

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Welcome to the new frontier. To a world where anything is possible as long as we try.

Superhero Me: The Special Edition is a ground-up movement that brings together more than 80 children and youths from diverse backgrounds to make a stand for social inclusion through the creative arts.

Over the past six months, a powerful force led by a team of young captains has inspired the birth of a new class of superheroes* who have discovered and honed their powers of creativity and artistry with confidence.

Whether they were eloquent or nonverbal, hyperactive or wheelchair-bound, art became our common language and empowered us with new ways of seeing the possibilities, rather than the impossible, in each other.

No two of us are alike. Each human being is a living, breathing universe, bursting with potential. Life gives us space to realise our different abilities and purposes. With our powers combined, we present the Planet of Possibility, an experiential art show that embodies hope for a more inclusive Singapore. After all, differences create a stronger whole.

Pssst: If you think something is impossible, you haven’t got a big enough imagination!

The Class of 2016

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