A ground-up inclusive arts movement that harnesses the power of creativity and the arts to empower children from diverse backgrounds

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About Us

SUPERHERO ME is a ground-up inclusive arts movement that harnesses the power of creativity through the arts to empower children from less privileged backgrounds and special needs communities. We focus on inclusive programming, creative advocacy and strategic cross-sector partnerships to shape the narrative of inclusion in Singapore.

Gatherings are at the heart of this inclusive art workshop series from 16 Sept – 7 Oct 2017 where plates of art serve up an invitation to discover others from all walks of life. On our journey towards an inclusive society, we have realised inclusion – very much like cooking – has no fixed formula. It is always in-the-works, driven by a persistent courage and effort to reach out to others different from us.

A series of pilot inclusive arts jams at Bishan Park held in conjunction with Let's Play Lah to create social opportunities for families with children of different abilities to play and make art together.

It’s a jungle out there, how can we inspire ourselves with dreams? This 3-session holiday art camp supported by SG Enable and the Today Enable Fund brings together new volunteers from School of the Arts (SOTA) and 20 children from Superhero Me’s community to explore new art forms and the Children’s Biennale at National Gallery. Through teamwork, we aspire to help our kids discover a renewed sense of self and strength in creativity and diversity.

SUPERHERO ME was approached by award-winning conductor Wong Kah Chun to pilot Project Infinitude, a global music education initiative with the Mahler Foundation, founded by the family of Austrian composer Gustav Mahler. The initiative brings classical music to 20 children who don’t have easy access to it. We partnered Kah Chun and his partners to organise a three-day camp at Enabling Village, excursions to music institutions and a three-month long mentorship by a group of 15 musicians from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. This project culminated in a public showcase at Enabling Village in March 2017 with the potential for an international collaboration with children from other cities.

SUPERHERO ME was chosen as the face of the SGFuture Campaign by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Other than being featured on the cover of the SGFuture report, the project was broadcasted on a video on various media channels like Channel 5, 8 and Okto. It has close to 996,000 views online to date. We also presented the project at “The Future of Us” in Dec 2015 to an audience from the social sector of about 60 attendees.

An experiential art show put together by 60 children from an inclusive preschool, three special education schools and from Lengkok Bahru whom we’ve worked with since 2014. Over 2,200 people attended the community arts show at Objectifs over a month. We also piloted inclusive tours that reached out to close to 200 preschoolers from mainstream preschools and 120 children with special needs from our partner special schools. Five mentor artists were involved, along with 18 youth facilitators who helmed our school workshops and art show.

The “Superhero Me – A Celebration of Childhood” Festival took place over two weeks at National Library Building, attracting over 4,000 participants, including members of the public and 10 mainstream preschools and VWOs. We were supported by close to 120 volunteers from all walks of life who joined us in conducting craft workshops and facilitating different stations at the festival. Our goal was to inspire young families to become “more than a tuition nation” and rethink the importance of values in childhood.

Superhero Me had its origins as part of START WELL, a national movement led by Lien Foundation and the Seed Institute that champions our children’s right to a happy childhood today, even as we prepare them for the demands tomorrow. We piloted a costume-crafting programme with 15 pre-schoolers from less-privileged families in Lengkok Bahru. Most of them still work with us today.