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SUPERHERO ME is a values-based craft movement inspiring children to develop a stronger sense of self through costume crafting. It aims to create awareness for early childhood education in Singapore and trigger children to discover the joy of creative confidence.

Participants imagine themselves as heroes and are guided by an adult to create costumes through a series of creative craftwork. Our pilot class of 15 Superhero Me participants from Care Corner Child Development Centre (Leng Kee), who mostly come from less privileged families, took part in the programme from August to October 2014 as part of their graduation.

We hope for parents and educators to harness the immense potential of this project, guided by our film and toolkit. Play along with your children. Affirm them in their desire to do good with their powers. Send us your pictures! And maybe, rediscover your own hero too.

SUPERHERO ME is proud to be part of START WELL, a national movement led by the LIEN FOUNDATION and the SEED Institute that champions our children’s right to a happy childhood today, even as we prepare them for the demands of tomorrow.

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About the film

Follow the journey of pre-schooler Elvis Lim, 6 and his friends from Care Corner Child Development Centre (Leng Kee), who unleash their inner heroes through an arts and craft costume project for their graduation concert.

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about our Superheroes

Our pioneer class of superheroes is an endearing lot cared for by teachers Vaishnavee Thanabal, Chen Li Hong and principal Patricia Tham. They are also the first graduates under Lien Foundation’s Circle of Care, a novel programme where children and their families who need help have access to social workers, educational therapists and high quality pre-school education.


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"What they
need is
a stronger
sense of self."

Mr. Lee Poh Wah
CEO, Lien Foundation

what kind
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do we want?

SUPERHERO ME was launched on a super-ordinary day – Thursday, 2 October 2014. But that day was also the eve of the last Children’s Day before Singapore turns 50. It was an important juncture, we thought, to pause and think about the kind of Singapore we have created for children, and what we want to create in the next 50 years. Our children today are growing up amid rising expectations and complexity. Success is no longer dependent only on grades. What they need is a stronger sense of self. To know who they are, and where they want to go. Or, in other words, to find the superhero in themselves.

CEO, Lien Foundation

Children admire Ironman and Batman for what they can do with their powers to fight evil. SUPERHERO ME goes one step further and helps children to be superheroes of their own making. They feel a sense of power and pride. This is a big step, especially for those who lack confidence and have low self-esteem. At this stage, it is important that adults take them seriously and not dismiss the whole process as just play. This is the time to affirm them in their desire to do good and develop the values associated with their powers. To gently guide the children to be what they want to be – one step at a time – and apply these powers in their daily lives. They may not change the world but they will change themselves if we believe in them.

Consultant, Circle of Care


a bonus to
the existing curriculum

The imagination and creativity of the children were unleashed when they were given the full support to unveil the Superhero in them. Even the most timid child felt encouraged and liberated when he could be the Superhero that he had been dreaming of. It was bonus to our existing curriculum as many teachable moments were created to help children to learn good values such as sharing, caring, respect and appreciation. The Superhero in each of them is now an expressed desire and the sense of empowerment is beautifully engraved in their hearts. This memorable milestone is a significant symbol to represent the importance and uniqueness in each of the children. With imagination, there is hope for a better future for each child.

CEO, Care Corner

None of us have kids yet, but the responsibility of shaping our society towards one filled with more empathy and kindness doesn’t have to rest on the shoulders of parents alone. Growing up is a bittersweet journey that leaves childhood behind in the blink of an eye, but we are grateful for characters like teachers who nurtured us in their own ways. We were surprised and heartened when the parents of our participants shared how they noticed their children blossoming in confidence and understanding the values behind the fun. As with the rest of our generation that is working hard to find our purpose in life, SUPERHERO ME has reminded us that big ideas like changing the world start with little actions. Youth need not be wasted on the young.

On behalf of Logue in Motion
Creative Team behind SUPERHERO ME

Youth is
not wasted
on the young

the team

LOGUE IN MOTION is a friendship between four friends who share a passion for life and light. A collaborative effort between content creation studio LOGUE and celebration design house IN MERRY MOTION, the team includes Jean Loo, Huiwen Yang, Chen Weiyan, Joyce Li, Grace Goh and Ong Boon Kok. It thrives on creating experiences and telling stories with a social mission.


Acknowledgements: WE/WEAR/GLASSES (Website), LIQUAN LIEW (Project Identity and Design), LAM XINYING (Film Editor) MARVIN TANG and LIU YING (Lighting Assistants) and BALLOON BLASTERS (Brenda Eng and Pearlyn Tam),

THE LIEN FOUNDATION is a Singapore philanthropic house noted for its model of radical philanthropy. It breaks new ground by investing in innovative solutions, convening strategic partnerships and catalysing action on social and environmental challenges. The Foundation seeks to foster exemplary early childhood education, excellence in eldercare and effective environmental sustainability in water and sanitation.


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This toolkit teaches you how to train a Superhero!
Includes lesson plan, crafting templates and a whole lot other goodies!